Home Staging

Research shows today’s typical home buyers are in their mid to late thirties, married, college educated, and with a median household income of $87,500. These millennial buyers make up 42% of all buyers, and 77% of these first-time buyers attend more than one open house. When you add to those statistics that they are also looking for easy move-in ready properties, you begin to understand the importance of staging before

Research shows millennials put all their savings into the down payment. With mortgage rates still low, they can afford a bigger or better dream house, but they have no money left for changes, upgrades, or any necessary work after they move in. In fact, seven out of ten buyers are willing to pay more money for a move-in ready home. Another turn-key buyer segment are baby boomers; they are retiring with no desire to start upgrading property…again! There is also a third, growing segment of property buyers which isn’t often talked about! It is the investors/rehabbers who are looking to buy property at the lowest price so they can do the upgrades buyers want and make a huge profit in the process.

Whether property is vacant or occupied, staging is a great investment and it needs to be done well. It takes considerable education, skills and ability to elevate the look of a property through furniture and accessories. Staging is the icing on the cake however, dealing with the condition of a property is crucial to the sale of a home. What I know for sure is that first impressions happen in the blink of an eye, there is no time for second glances. My work as a Certified Staging Professional® is to help the buyer realize a homes potential and secure the most equity possible. Getting a property ready for sale takes effort; it is a three-step process.

The pre-listing consultation identifies areas where a seller might be leaking equity. It is the vital first step on the sale journey. I can help! Don’t trust your listings with someone not trained to support and help you. My designation offers quantifiable evidence that I have received education and training. My skills and abilities have been validated by a credible third party. My code of conduct is my word and bond. Call me! Let’s explore the opportunity of working together to sell your property and lower the record for days on market.

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